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  1. Do you know of any information about the history of the word “ritual” as it relates to OCD? For example, is there a figure who first introduced this word as a term for compulsions? Thank you!

    1. Good question, and unfortunately I don’t know the answer. I feel pretty sure Freud used the term but don’t know whether he was the first.

      One possible way to find the answer (you might not be looking to make it into a research project) would be to search historical primary source databases. This is the kind of question that boolean searches can answer (for instance, searching for “ritual” occurring within a certain number of words of “scruples” or “obsessional neurosis” or other historical terms). These databases are available to students and the general public at many university libraries (as you may already know). Hope this helps.

      — webmaster

    2. I suspect it came from behavioral psych. A lot of the animal conditioning (learning) experiments started with identifying existing rituals in rat behavior (typically their cleaning habits that are super-routinized)

    1. Thank you. The proper APA-style citation for an online resource that is posted anonymously (as this one is) is: Short History of OCD. (2009). Retrieved from

      A short form would be: (“Short History of OCD”, 2009).

      Hope this helps.

      — webmaster

  2. Is anyone interested in posting articles on this site about the history of obsessive-compulsive disorder? It would be easy to create an “articles” page where website visitors could read PDFs of articles written by students, amateur historians (like myself), mental health professionals or others.

    If anyone has an article they would like to post, please send it to me and let’s start an articles page.

    –The webmaster of this site

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