"The obsessional disorder has been badly served by its historians," writes historian of psychiatry G.E. Berrios, who notes that "there does not seem to be one book fully dedicated to its history." (Berrios, 2003, p. 114) It is hoped that this website will help encourage more writing on this subject.

I earn my living writing for a publication. I have a college degree in history and a further degree in another field. I have OCD, which explains my interest in this topic. The research for this website was done on and off over the course of several years.

Comments and suggestions are welcome and may be sent to info@ocdhistory.net.

Since some people have asked, this website may be cited as: Short History of OCD. (2009). Retrieved from http://www.ocdhistory.net. A short form would be: ("Short History of OCD", 2009).

Hope you enjoy the site.


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